"it’s an incredible journey and Joanna is the perfect armchair travelling companion"
TV Times
“Lumley comes across as an enthusiastic, slightly eccentric but captivating aunt… The scenery is stunning and the company refined: pour a glass of claret and snuggle up.”
The Guardian
"Documentary of the Week" "Moment of the Week"
Radio Times

Highlight of the week – a delightful one-off”. ”An enchanting journey” "this charming and illuminating travelogue."

Daily Mail
“ the trip is gloriously scenic, Lumley charms all round her, and the payoff is worth the wait.”
Daily Telegraph
After this programme, Norwegian tourism will doubtless increase by 12000%. Demand for excursions round Joanna Lumley may never be sated, however… She lay down on her back in a snowy field somewhere near Tromso to see the Northern Lights, gasping: "This is the wonder of the world!" Ditto Joanna Lumley.”
David Belcher, The Herald
‘Like a glamorous version of Michael Palin, the equally likeable Lumley charms everyone she meets as she delights in the sights and sounds of her Arctic odyssey. … Terrific
Daily Mail
“Watching someone’s dream come true is always a beautiful thing to behold and Joanna’s journey to the Arctic Circle is spectacular.”
Daily Express
“ such was the charm of Joanna Lumley In The Land Of The Northern Lights that I'm prepared to forgive our guide for taking top billing over one of the world's most stunning natural phenomena. … There was no denying her genuine passion for her quest. And the light show, when it eventually arrived, was a mind-blowing experience, a tear-jerker even on the confines of a TV screen. Fingers crossed it wasn't faked like the Olympics spectaculars because it beat them into a cocked hat.”
Claire Allfree, Metro
The wonderful Joanna Lumley dons her hat, scarf, and about a zillion other items of clothing to brave sub-zero temperatures in this epic trip to track down the magical Northern Lights…. This brilliant one-off…A heart-warming must see.”
"If you weren’t in love with Joanna Lumley before, you will be after watching this enjoyable travel documentary. As well as casting vanity to the wind, Lumley also shows herself to be generous-spirited, game for anything and possessing a lovely, lyrical turn of phrase, as she braves the elements in the Arctic Circle. OK, we’re gushing – just wrap yourself up warm and enjoy the scenery.’"
TV Guide
“The glacial sights are fairy-tale perfect… It’s spell-binding stuff.”
Mail on Sunday
Her whole trip – northwards, up Norway – has a story to it: a lifelong longing to see the northern lights, a children’s storybook, a penguin called Ponny… But the main reason this one works as television is simpler still: the traveller herself… she’s fabulous, dead glam, a bit mad, and very funny. … Eventually, she finds her lights… It’s a wonderful moment. A picture in a book she had as a child has been brought to life, a dream realised. Joanna has become Ponny the penguin…It’s the perfect ending to a lovely story.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian
“Joanna Lumley is our smouldering guide through Norway’s magnificent icy wasteland”
  TV Easy
I thought it was a simply, simply enchanting documentary, as Ms Lumley might put it. This is a lady who could have out-gushed the Mitford sisters, and while her style might be a tad overpowering at a dinner party it worked a treat against the backdrop of Norway’s Arctic mountains. Also there’s a twist of Alan Bennett in there. “As a child growing up in Malaysia I longed to be cold” she said. “Putting on a cardigan was a huge treat”
Damian Thompson, Daily Telegraph
Pick of the Week …” a charming, idiosyncratic programme…The Northern Lights…can no more resist Lumley…than anyone else can.”
Sunday Times